What Makes a Good Wine List?

When you go out for a meal, a good wine list can really help to make your experience more enjoyable.

Here in Noosa we are fortunate to have many great restaurants and some of the best wine lists and wine professionals in Australia.

A well thought-out list needn’t be huge but should complement the food and atmosphere of the establishment. Well-trained staff should be able to help you with your choice and if you’re buying a glass, it’s a great chance to perhaps try a variety or label that you haven’t before. Coravin is a system that allows a glass to be poured without removing the cork and as such, wines will keep in perfect condition for weeks or months even. As such, rarer and more valuable wines are able to be poured by the glass without the risk of wastage for the restaurant and you can try a glass with your meal without committing to a whole bottle. It also allows you to try a different wine with each course if you like – often of a better quality.

A lot of thought goes into a good wine list and each wine should earn its spot there.
Have fun with it and if you find a wine you enjoy, our staff at XO Cellars should be able to track it down for you.