Gifting Wine This Festive Season

As we approach the festive season often the perfect gift for a friend or colleague can be a thoughtfully chosen bottle of wine. Deciding what to buy can be confusing but it’s a great time to perhaps try something new and exciting.

As a general guide $20- $30 will allow you to present a bottle of quality wine that is not a run of the mill wine made on an industrial scale. Often something that can be enjoyed immediately is preferred as well. This can mean a red wine with some bottle age so it is at its peak. Cabernet and Shiraz will often benefit from some time and 8-10 years is often perfect.

For Christmas a sparkling Shiraz will complement many of the foods we have especially at lunch. A nice bottle of fresh, racy white will also compliment the seafood we have at this time and bubbles never go astray.

If you take a bottle to a function make sure you let your host know about the wine. A story about it will show that you have been considerate in your selection. And make sure they know if it’s for use that day –“I bought something to share “– or for them to enjoy later – “something for you to put away”. At XO Cellars we can make it easy to choose the perfect bottle for all occasions. And don’t forget the gift bag.