Shiraz – The Australian Standout

There is no doubt that Shiraz is the most widely appreciated and recognized Australian grape variety. It is not only the most planted variety – over 40,000 hectares – it is grown in most regions. We have the world’s oldest continually productive vines in the Barossa which produce wines of unique and intense flavour.

Different regions tend to produce wines with different characteristics. The Barossa is known for full bodied, bold, textured Shiraz in a fruit forward style. This style is what has taken Australia to the world stage. McLaren Vale Shiraz is also a full flavoured wine but with a more earthy undertone and a little less intense. This will make them somewhat more approachable when young. These two regions are the most popular.

Victorian Shiraz comes from cool and warm climate regions. As such they vary from more delicate Beechworth / Pyrenees wines to full bodied Heathcote examples. Hunter Valley Shiraz is generally medium bodied which ages into a complex, well structured, smooth wine.

Exports of Shiraz are growing at an incredible rate thanks to a surge in interest from China and as the dollar has come off the US has re-emerged as a great market for our most famous red.

If you want any advice or to perhaps try some different regions or wine making styles ask at XO Cellars and we can show you some great examples. Cheers XO