How to Buy Wines You’ll Enjoy…

Buying a bottle of wine can be a confusing experience especially if you’re buying for guests or a dinner party. The best wine for you is the one you like no matter the price point or what the experts say. However there are a few tips that can help you select something you and your guests will enjoy this summer.

Variety – Choose a variety that you enjoy, matches what you’ll be serving and the occasion. Some wines work better at lunch on a hot day – a light, bright, dry Rosé perhaps?

Region – Different regions are known for grape varieties suited to that area. It’s the quality of the fruit that makes the wine.

Time – All wines have a peak and time in the bottle benefits most Red wines. Many new release Whites are best drunk young – while they are fresh and vibrant.

Ask – A good wine store stocks wines that have been tasted by the staff. They should be able to give you the story behind the wine and how it’s produced. There are many affordable wines that are made by smaller wine makers that are great examples of their variety and region.

Decant your Reds, if you can, then serve the wine at the correct temperature – Whites not too cold (8˚C) and Reds not too hot (16˚C) – and don’t forget that a good glass can really make a difference too!


Chris Burton